⚫️ Welcome to Norse Online ⚫️

πŸ’  ⚜️ SERVER RATES ⚜️ πŸ’ 
β˜‘ Base and Job Level : 99/70 Trans β˜‘ 50x Base and Job EXP Rate β˜‘ 10x Normal Item Drop Rate β˜‘ 0.30% Normal Cards Drop Rate β˜‘ 3x Mini MVP Item Drop Rate β˜‘ 3x Mini MVP Card Drop Rate β˜‘ 1x MVP Item Drop Rate β˜‘ 2x MVP Card Drop Rate

β˜‘ 13.2 Episode – Into the Unknown β˜‘ 2-2 Transcendent Classes β˜‘ Pre-Renewal Setup β˜‘ Max Level: 99/70 β˜‘ Max Base Stats: 99 β˜‘ Max Attack Speed: 190 β˜‘ Instant Cast : 150 Dex β˜‘ Max Party Members: 12 β˜‘ Max Guild Capacity: 26 β˜‘ Instant job changer β˜‘ Max Clients: 3 β˜‘ Platform : PC Only β˜‘ DDOS Protection β˜‘ Gepard Shield 3.0 & LGP Enabled β˜‘ Anti Nodelay β˜‘ Server Location: Singapore

πŸ’ βšœοΈ SERVER FEATURES βšœοΈπŸ’ 
β˜‘ Play to Win Server β˜‘ Access to GM Logs and MVP Card Drops β˜‘ Safe RMT Mechanism β˜‘ Unlimited Ammunition β˜‘ Supply Friendly Tool Dealer β˜‘ Warper with All Map Access β˜‘ 24x7 PVP in MVP Maps β˜‘ Daily/Weekly/Monthly VIP Pass β˜‘ Daily VIP Pass Quest β˜‘ WOE Soon β˜‘ Hourly Coin NPC β˜‘ MVP Coin NPC β˜‘ PVP Ranking and Rewards β˜‘ MVP & Mini-MVP Card effects disabled in WOE β˜‘ GTB Card nerfed at 50% of Magic Damage Reduction β˜‘ GTB Card gives immunity to Dispel

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